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November 1st, 2012

10:30 pm
Sup Chazzy poo.

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August 27th, 2011

07:31 am
Later guys, I'm off to Paris-Brugges-Hannover-Berlin for the next two weeks.

Hopefully Hurricane Irene won't slow me down. I have a shit of a series of slights to get to Paris: SFO-LAX-London-Paris and I'm not getting in until 4pm tomorrow.

I really have no idea what I'm doing except I'll be meeting up with an old cross country friend in Paris and an old friend from my band Woody Sunshine in Germany. He's a native kraut.

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June 29th, 2011

11:50 pm
It rained a ton yesterday. It's never rained this late in the rainy season since I moved to California. I hated what it did to the traffic, but I still loved it raining.

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June 22nd, 2011

10:35 pm
The 22 bus dropped me off at Oak and Fillmore. I don't like walking down Oak because it is far too loud, but sometimes it is the right thing to do. I immediately passed someone's forgotten bicycle. It had clearly been there for quite some time and someone had found a better use for its wheels. I tried to make out signs of life from the windows of the surrounding Victorians - occasional warmly lit windows and one room solely lit by a flickering tv. Remembering that I had to get home, I jogged the remaining block and a half, fondling my free can of coke that some girl outside of a Taking Back Sunday concert at the Fillmore gave me.

Please note I did not attend said concert.

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June 14th, 2011

10:34 pm - Saints be praised
I passed the PE!

Thank god almighty I don't have to take the godforsaken test ever again. And I get me a nice little raise.

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May 8th, 2011

10:22 pm
Weekend recap with my dad:
Thursday - He flew into Oakland late. I walked him around the neighborhood. We went back home and chatted on my couch. He taught me a few more expressions in Slovak and told me some more stories about his youth in New York.

Friday - Ate at a nice brunch place in Cole Valley and hopped on our bikes (his rented) through GG Park. We first stopped at the Academy of Sciences which was swell. We eventually made it to the beach before going to Sutro Heights and Baths. We grabbed Little Star for dinner and then went to the baseball game. My dad was coming to try to meet Willie Mays. The event fell through but it was Willie's bday that day so at least he got to see him make a speech at the game. We later got dessert at cheesecake factory.

Saturday - Got a bagel and went out to Muir Woods. Afterward, we went to Point Reyes and grabbed some Czech food at Vladmir's in Inverness. I was saddened to find out that the owner died a few years ago. He escaped communism on skis. We then went down to the lighthouse. My invalid dad did well on the 200+ steps down and up the lighthouse. By the time we got back to SF, we were both beat. I took him to Little Chihuahuas and then we went out to Healthy Spirits and bought a bottle of an ESB from Idaho (Bitch Creek). We got home and watched the Incredible Shrinking Man.

This morning we went to the ballpark again to grab breakfast. We then walked around the stadium, my dad reminiscing about the old Polo Grounds players while looking at the plaques on the wall. We then toured around sf in automobile, stopping first at the Palace of Fine Arts and then picking up my birthday present, an accordion, in the inner Richmond. We dropped my car off, got some Indian food, then walked out to the mission to enjoy the shut down Valencia st. On the way back, we got some Bi-Rite ice cream. Mindy showed up and we got Mediterranean food for dinner. I took him up to frigid and windy Buena Vista park for one more hill climb before dropping him off in Oakland. Y ahora estoy aqui.

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May 5th, 2011

07:23 am
My pops is coming to town tonight. He has never visited me in SF before (other than taking him to SF while he was visiting me in Davis in 2004). I'm planning on taking him to Little Star, the Czech restaurant in Pt. Reyes, Pt. Reyes, Muir Woods, Giants game tomorrow night, and bike ride through GG park. I'm super stoked.

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April 4th, 2011

10:36 pm
I got a package today from the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa. I totally forgot that I donated 1/3 of my fundraising to them. That's where my cousin was treated and cared for so it was a pleasant surprise to get that in the mail.

Four more days of studying until Gigantic Test Day #3. I'm taking Thursday and Friday off which sucks to take vacay days for studying, but whatever works. I do still have a ton of vacation saved up and am hoping to do a trip sometime in July or August. Not sure where. Mexico and Slovakia are out since I'm planning on going there in the future with my hs homie and my pops, respectively. Maybe Germany/Belgium/and France? Scandanivia? Australia?

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February 10th, 2011

07:53 am
I have two months til I have to retake the PE. I have been studying the last week or two so I'm already ahead of schedule. The plan is for the first month, read through materials and minimal practice problems and the last month, do exclusively problems. No review classes this time.

I might have pink eye? Considering I only get sick once every two years or so, getting two colds in two weeks and possible pink is a positively flukish.

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January 5th, 2011

05:36 pm
My company had its first round of layoffs in its 16 year existence. I survived thank god and they told me they see me in their company's long term future. This is not bad news for now at least and I know I'm good through July (knock on wood). After the disaster two years ago, I don't think I'm ready for another stint.

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